FEB – JUNE // ‘Monthly’ Update

Hello World!

I am here, having not thoroughly abandoned my little pet project, but also not thoroughly invested either.

I found some wonderful readings recently, and what better way to keep a record of it than through my rolling project journal. So here they are and a bit of my thoughts on each:

  1. Multiform is the architectural manifestation of our present moment

‘The ability to pursue a variety of agendas simultaneously is what Multiform is all about’

I admit I’m not much of a history nerd, despite the history of Architectural styles being so wildly imaginative and fascinating. Well this new one proposed by the article is interesting in that I can actually believe it. What exactly will the ‘Fouth Industrial Revolution’ entail? What are the patterns that emerge from it that will define this period?  It seems like we’re already in the thick of it, and usually when you’re in the middle of something, it’s really hard to understand it until you’re well past the moment or you take a giant step back.

2. Seize the Elevators

A good friend of mine wrote this article, which took me months to finish. Not because I’m an incredibly slow reader, but that I either get distracted or preoccupied, and I always wanted to leave myself a moment of time where I had ample brain energy to really appreciate what was written. In any case, wonderful albeit long essay regarding the elevator.

3. Disney Innovation and Converging Industries Make Electrifying Theme Parks Real

I imagine I’m not alone when it comes to saying being an Imagineer is probably one of my top dream jobs. I just love the idea of being part of the team that creates a magical environment for people to experience and enjoy. Partly the same reason I enjoy Cultural and Institutional projects in my current job. Reading this article just made me starry-eyed once more, because not only are they talking about dreaming and actually producing all these amazing environments, the article also discusses the technology to allow for the efficiency in production. It’s wild to imagine how many lightyears they are ahead of what I do on a daily basis, and it only makes me want it more.

Ok well that’s about it for now. I know exactly what I need to do for the next test in the Site Series, but I just quite literally have not made time for it. In the meantime, I did draw another sketch, this time with a lot more modesty and focus on modern day  architectural artifacts – glass, steel, concrete


JAN // Monthly Update

Happy New Year and End of the first month already!

Returning to the site series this new year and hoping to finally wrap up the ‘building’ before starting another set of tests. Series are helpful because it allows me to create a guideline for each test — especially when construction phases are involved. I predict at most two more tests left for the current site series, but won’t deny there may be a new site series to take its place.

Other news on the ideas front, instead of continuing the research into developing the app, I’ve been contemplating more mundane and likely less fruitful things, such as turning my CAT excavator into a pin. I’ve also been contemplating updating the design prior to this venture. Sketches below:



OCT + NOV // Monthly Update

Hello World. This is probably a common habit, starting and not finishing series. I haven’t abandoned the site series, I do really think it is a worthwhile expedition to document the process of construction, and am excited to reach the end of that series someday. (Especially since the actual building for which I am basing the series on is now complete!) But I’m also excited about this new series of ‘Jewel in Landscape’, testing the organic shape of a jewel petal and it’s differing conditions as it interacts with its surroundings.

Since I usually post an update with sketches prior to the test, I thought I’d still post the sketch even though it is now after the post.


  1. How VR Training in the Workplace is Transforming Learning on the Job
    I think I can buy into this. Finding alternate ways to train workers in our COVID era, especially in the areas of “soft skills” is very valuable. I can definitely appreciate thinking outside of the classroom box, especially if this lifestyle change is here to stay. Giving nurses the hands-on experience they need, or even just office workers the interpersonal skill building they can be using virtually is worth working on. While I think nothing can quite replace in-person relations, the alternative thinking to addressing this current and future problem is really the way to go.
  2. Foster Partners adopts Spot the Boston Dynamics Robot Dog
    Now this is really cool. Technology and construction is so amazing.